Bonus-The Data Earning App



Nowadays, the internet becomes a vital part of life, a phone in hand that has internet-connected allows us to tackle many problems or just entertain. We must admit that data plan is a part of our monthly budget but not many people are willing to pay due to its cost. They are seeking other solutions to still using data without spending a good amount frequently.

Understood that need, in 2018, Indonesian telcos had an idea about generating revenue from crypto mining on user devices. In return, they will give users free data for incentive.

To implement, they collaborated with an FPGA cryptocurrency mining company-Monad. Monad was in charge to help them with developing technology, along with that was building an app called Bonus that attracts users to use. 


There are a dozen free earning apps in the market but many of them haven't got well-invested yet. They make users doubt all of the other similar apps and question whether people can actually earn something from their phone.

This is a win-win solution both for users and business but it's hard to convince them to use. People are wary of the apps that have low visual quality and ambiguous functions, always wonder how true and safe they are. They can give an app like this a try but it is easy for them to give up when the app is too complicated, taking too long to see the reward.


Bonus allows users to earn free data immediately every night by setting up their phones to meet some simple requirements such as connecting to the internet, plugging the charger then they can just let the app working and increasing data automatically. Our high-level goals were:

01.  Creating an app that brings professional-feeling, friendly, eye-catching visual that makes users interested.


02. The app has to be simple and easy to use with conspicuous functions, information.


03. Explaining how it works in an efficient way to the users and totally safe for their phone, encourages them to use it daily and gain trust.


When I first joined the project, the Monad team already had been Jakarta for a few months, they also had done some research and built a rough app with basic features. I was in charge to help them redesign the visual along with bringing a better user experience.

I was a solo designer of the project so my responsibility was everything that related to the design side from end to end. My deliverables were wireframes, user flows, interfaces, illustrations as well as animations for prototyping.

In addition, I worked alongside a Content Strategist, Android Developer, Product Manager and Project Owner from Monad.



First of all, I gathered all of the information from stakeholders and played around with the rough app. In the meantime, I also did some research about similar apps in the market for reference. All of this work gave me a better understanding of the app, how it works and who are the users.


When I had a comprehensive picture of the product, I figured out what is missing, what can be improved from it then identified my tasks and priorities. 


After got a deep understanding of the project, I defined the features and things that could be improved to help users get to the points they need quicker and easier, then I started exploring new concepts. I created user flows, wireframes for each concept. That work came in handy for the team to understand the app hierarchy, so it helped me got feedback efficiently and took a turn for the better. I iterated until a whole team satisfied.

View the full user flow here.


In order to bring a friendly feeling, trustworthy as well as can guide users easily we created a character that becomes an assistant of users.


The story is that users will get help from their assistant and have to do some daily works to get free data, that makes them feel like they are working and get rewards from their efforts. 

The Assistant

The assistant is an important role to connect users and the product, it becomes the core element of communication. The character needs to be memorable, unique, lively and user-friendly.


With this in mind, I chose an animal and personalized it to become a mascot. Dolphin is an icon of intelligence in the animal world so it can be a truly reliable assistant. After a few sketches, I came up with Professor Monad.




The onboarding screens introduce the app, provide the necessary information, also give them instructions to meet the requirements.


A conversation with Professor Monad helps the users prepare some very first settings. After finish the task, their phone will be received the first amount of data as a reward. This flow allows us to guide users through settings easily and let them get into the feeling that they are earning data by doing work.


This is the main working area for the app and users. The app runs automatically and helps users earn data unless they want to pause it or lacking some conditions.


Made with a lot of coffee and music.